The Dog DudeDog Waste Removal & Lawn Mowing, Servicing Residential & Commercial Properties in Lancaster County Since 2004
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Customer Reviews

Considering the use of a dog waste removal service?

The Dog Dude provides professional, reliable service – but you don’t need to take our word for it. We’ve got years of experience and many happy customers to speak for us.

"I LOVE The Dog Dude! Every week my dogs can't wait to see him come pulling in the driveway to clean the yard. His service is so convenient. Cleaning up after the dogs is one less thing I need to worry about, thanks to The Dog Dude."

Pam S.

"I use Mike, the Dog Dude, to pick up after my dog and mow my yard. When he offered his yard service to me I couldn’t pass it up. He was always very reliable when he just came to pick up the poop so I knew he would do a great job mowing. He has been a great help to me and my dog likes him too."


"I started using the Dog Dude in 2005 when my neighbor referred us to his service. It is soooo nice not to have to be out in the yard in the cold of winter or the heat of the summer bending over to pick up dog waste."

Crystal, Jimmy, and family

"With 4 dogs we used to fight over who was going to scoop the poop. My wife found the Dog Dude on the internet and immediately got him to do our yard twice a week. It's the greatest thing we've ever done! Like clock work, Mike is there and we've got no worries. We started using his lawn cutting service in 2008 too. Excellent Dude!"

Samantha and Mike

"Before I started with the Dog Dude, I called two other providers. I was impressed by the professionalism and great customer service his wife and Mike displayed. I didn't get that from the other two companies I had called. Obviously, I chose the Dog Dude to do the work and have been extremely satisfied with the service."