The Dog DudeDog Waste Removal & Lawn Mowing, Servicing Residential & Commercial Properties in Lancaster County Since 2004
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Dog Waste Removal Service

Regular removal of dog waste...

  • Keeps your yard looking and smelling better
  • Attracts less pests
  • Lowers the risk of transmitting diseases and parasites, such as roundworm and hookworm
  • Keeps our streams and rivers cleaner by lessening the amount of bacteria and parasites included in water runoff from your yard
  • Lets you enjoy your yard!

Why use the Dog Dude?

If any of the following apply to you, it may be time to call the Dude:

  • Your family is busy and you have more important things to do with your time
  • Physical limitations make it difficult to clean up after your dogs
  • You have small children or grandchildren, and you want to avoid little feet tracking dog waste into the home
  • You work long hours and it's difficult to clean your yard in the dark
  • You want to be a good neighbor
  • You just don't want to clean it up!

What can you expect from the Dog Dude?

With the Dog Dude, you can expect convenient and reliable service, provided year round, on the same day each week. We are serious about safety and preventing the spread of harmful diseases from one dog to another, so we always used sanitized shoes and equipment for your service. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Call (717) 664-5161 or E-mail Us to begin your service today.